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Pit Bull Puppies for Sale in Houston Texas!
Blue Blue Kennel is a small family owned kennel in Houston, Texas.  All of our dogs are registered with UKC and the American Bully Kennel Club.  These beautiful dogs are very healthy, and no expense has been spared to make sure that our dogs are in top condition.  We raised our dogs in very sanitary conditions, and with training, and are very well socialized with other dogs, pets and children.  See photos on this web site.

What we strive for at Blue Blue is to have the XL size of Bully Pit Bull, but unlike some kennels, our dogs are very symmetrical in shape. Meaning that their heads are not oversized in proportion to their body, and visa versa. 

Also, at Blue Blue, we only bring dogs into our bloodline that have exceptional coats and color, with emphasis on the blue coloring.  This litter of pit bull pups are for the most part one solid color, especially in their faces, which is a personal trait I like.  Also, we look for temperament, and personality.  What good is it to have a beautiful dog that cannot be taken out in public, or you have to limit access to them, or be high maintenance? 


Our current litter of 10 puppies are from Max, who is blue, and Daisy, who is a gorgeous blue brindle, both have excellent blood lines, and their pedigree is here on this web site.  There are photos on here of Max and Daisy, and both of their parents too.  The pups were born on May 26th. 

All Purchasers must sign a standard contract, but mine is a little more strict than what is out there with other kennels.  First goal is to find good homes for these puppies.  Prices are stated and fair with what is out there on the market.  Discount given to Purchasers who buy two puppies, but in that case, one must be neutered or spayed, purchaser decides which one to be fixed. 

A trade for a pitbull puppy of similar age, size and temperament is available.  However, I am only looking to trade for a pup that is not blue or brown.

Feel free to contact me anytime, and come by and look at the pups and parents who are both on site. Pitbull Puppies will be ready by July 6th with all of their shots.

                                                             — David Hart